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Barley Straw

Natural, Long-Lasting Treatment for Algae Growth

In recent years, the use of barley straw has become more common as an alternative method for controlling extensive algae growth.

Barley straw does not kill existing algae, but inhibits the growth of new algae. Barley straw is most effective when applied earlier in the year prior to the appearance of algae.

Barley Straw kit


Products Available:

Barley Straw Pond Treatment Kits
Includes:  Barley Straw Bale, 3 mesh bags, tie-downs, and Directions for Application

Treats 10,000 Square Feet of Water Surface


New Product: Barley Straw Bricks!

For treatment of smaller ponds, these easy-to-use brick treatments are faster-acting and environmentally friendly!  Each package contains 4 individually packaged brick treatment kits.

Each brick treats 3,000-5,000 gallons.