Heidel Hollow Farm dates back to 1852 when Daniel Hunsicker of the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania embarked on the daunting task of establishing a farm. Daniel was the uncle of the Great Grandmother of David Fink, the present day owner. David, along with his wife Sonia and sons Michael and Travis, manage the 1600 crop acres of which 900 are devoted to quality hay production.

Heidel Hollow Farm is located along the southern slope of the Appalachian mountains in east central Pennsylvania, just two hours from New York City and Philadelphia.

The soils are a shale type which is well-drained and subject to drought. The soil fertility is maintained for maximum production with natural and chemical fertilizer and ground limestone. From the early 1920’s to the 1970’s, this area was noted for its potato production. Alfalfa also does well on this soil type along with timothy hay.

The largest industry in Pennsylvania is agriculture, and the largest crop both in acres and value in the state is hay. Heidel Hollow Farm is a family farm dedicated to the production, processing, and distribution of quality forages.