Timely Harvest

Our hay is harvested in 3x4x8 ft bales for dry hay.
We harvest our hay with a little moisture to retain the leaves, as most of the protein is contained in the leaves. Balage is harvested wet in 3x4x4 ft bales, and is wrapped with up to six layers of plastic to form an airtight storage structure which allows fermentation to take place.

All hay is preserved with a preservative to ensure safe feeding and long storage life.

For safe storage, hay must be reduced to 15 percent moisture content. Here at Heidel Hollow, we have dryers which can reduce the moisture content with forced air.

Bale Size
We offer three bale sizes to meet everyone’s needs.

  • 3x4x8 ft. (1100 pounds)
  • 15x9x22 inch (35 pounds – double compressed) – Most convenient consumer size. Used for the Bale-In-A-Bag™ products.
  • 15x18x22 inch (70-80 pounds – double compressed) – Export Bale


  • UPS – For Bale-In-A-Bag™ products
  • Common Carrier – Pallet shipments (40 bales per pallet)
  • Truckload – Domestic Shipments
  • Export – Container shipments all products